Terms and Conditions


Wongchhu Peak Promotion Pvt.Ltd is a trustworthy and incorporated company under the law of Nepal Government Registered company No. (188036). Before booking any expedition/trekking or tours trip with us, we kindly request mountaineers, trekkers, travelers, and adventure enthusiast to go through the following Terms and Conditions that govern the relationship between you (client) and Wongchhu Peak Promotion Pvt.Ltd. Below are the details of the terms and conditions. Please read them carefully. When you sign the booking form you (and any other person on whose behalf you book) agree to accept all of these conditions, you acknowledge that you have read all booking conditions. You also warrant that the information given by you on the booking form is complete and true.


Producers of Booking

  • Booking in Advance

Three months prior to the trip, you must make reservations if you plan to go on an adventure with Wongchhu Peak Promotion Pvt. Ltd.  To ensure maximum safety and client satisfaction, a three-month planning period is required.

  • Last hour booking

The earliest you can book a trip is one month before the departure date. But be aware that we reserve the right to confirm the booking based on how full the group is. We won’t make any charge for last hour booking but will require full payment once the booking is confirmed.

Payment procedure

You must make a reservation with us once you have made the decision to do the Adventure with Wongchhu Peak Promotion. We must give ourselves sufficient time to organize the trip, gather necessary documentation, and reserve lodging. Because of this, you must make your reservation as early as possible, at least one month before the Fixed Departure time that we or you have chosen. Make the following payments in order to secure your place in the company.

1. To confirm a reservation, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking.

2. A 50% payment is required one month before travel to Nepal.

Mode of Payment

You can make your payment by different methods:

  • Through Credit Card

Note: For credit card payments, 4% extra will be levied to you for a credit card processing fee

  • SWIFT/ Wire Transfer:  

Account Name: Wongchhu Peak Promotion Pvt. ltd

Account Number: 01909815520027

Bank Name: Himalayan Bank Limited

Account type: Foreign currency (USD)

Branch Address: Thamel

Swift Code: HIMANPKA

Note: Bank service charges related to submitting a deposit are the responsibility of the client.

  • Cash Payment:

We take cash as well if that is how you choose to pay for your trip.


  • If the trip is cancelled by the company

Our trips are guaranteed to depart. We promise that all of our trips will depart. However, if terrorism, natural disasters, political unrest, or other unforeseen events make it impossible for us to carry out the plan, the company retains the right to cancel any trip at any time prior to departure. We'll inform you as quickly as we can in these circumstances. There will be no refund because these are unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, but the company may hold the money for any future trips of a comparable grade.

  • If the trip is cancelled by the clients

60 days prior to departure 15% deposit is forfeited.    

30 days prior to departure deposit and 50% of fee is forfeited.

15 days prior to departure 100% forfeited.

Insurance and Travel Risks

No foreigner is permitted to obtain insurance in Nepal, according to a government regulation. Therefore, it is crucial for clients to get a travel insurance plan in their own nation. Risks and other unpredictable factors may be present throughout a trek or expedition. High altitudes are sensitive to medical problems and natural disasters, so we prefer to make sure that our clients are covered for things like helicopter evacuations, trip cancellations, and personal accidents so they don't have to suffer twice.

To ensure that the right steps and paperwork are completed in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, this company will inquire about the personal and insurance details of the client. In the case that a rescue is necessary, our company will get in touch with the appropriate companies and handle the paperwork.

It should be noted that if the guest's insurance does not cover some or all components of the trip, the company will not be responsible for any losses or pay out compensation.

Booking amendments

You must inform us prior to the planned departure date if you intend to switch from one trip to another or transfer your booking to a third party. And is required to share details about the third party. Alternatively, you can schedule your trip for a later date.

Following that, the amendment will be handled further with each airline, hotel, teahouse, and mode of transportation with which we are affiliated. 

Incomplete Tours

The client will not be entitled to any compensation of any sort if they decide not to take part in the trek/expedition due to a personal injury or for any other reason. If the government refuses the permit for the trek/expedition owing to a disaster in the area, the clients may not request a refund of their cash.

Early completion of Trip

On rare occasions, excellent circumstances can allow us to complete our trips ahead of schedule. For days eliminated from the schedule that are dependent, there won't be a refund. (For example, if a 14-day travel package is completed in 12 days, the company will not reimburse the price of the additional 2 days because the weather was good which is why the trip completed earlier.

Extra Stay

 The client is responsible for covering all additional costs if they decide to extend their stay after the trip is over.

Flight Delay and cancellation

Please be aware that the weather in the mountains can change quickly. One or more of the main causes of flight cancellations and delays by plane and helicopter, particularly in areas like Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, and Langtang, is the shockingly awful weather. Other common causes include technical difficulties in hilly and remote areas. However, clients are responsible for covering all additional costs, such as those for meals and lodging in the case that return flights are delayed. If a client chooses another option, such as a helicopter flight, to avoid aircraft delays, they are responsible for all additional costs.

Furthermore, Wongchhu Peak Promotion is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred as a result of a missed international flight. Nevertheless, wherever it is possible, we will assist you in setting up other options. Please be aware that unexpected circumstances while on the field may need us to make changes to the trip schedule.







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