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Namo Buddha Tour


Namo Buddha Tour

Namo Buddha Tour is another major Buddhist pilgrimage site situated in Kavre district, 40 km south-east of the Kathmandu Valley. It is about three hours walk from the popular tourist place Dhulikhel. Namo Buddha means "Greetings to the Lord Buddha". Buddhist mythology includes an intriguing tale linked to this location representing it as a true emblem of the highest level of human sacrifice. Lord Buddha was born in his proceeding life as Prince Mahasattva, King Maharatha's youngest son, according to Buddhist sutras. One day, while hunting, he himself and his two elder brothers passed through the wood. With its cubs, they find a tigress. She and her cubs were barely able to shift, because they were weak from starvation. He had been scrutinized for their pitiful condition. So, the good Prince Mahasattva went back to the tigers and gave them his flesh and blood to save them. His two brothers later came to the same location but they just saw his bones and hair. The King and Queen buried in his memory a small casket lined with seven kinds of jewels in which they laid his bones and constructed a stupa over the place. Namo Buddha tour begins with a drive that takes you through the valley. the roads that pass through rice fields and remote villages. On the way, you will see the colossal Shiva statue (43.5 m high), considered the largest Shiva statue in the world. The entire trial wraps through lovely remote villages, along the foothills, riverbanks (Roshi Khola and Pungmati Khola), lush rice and millet fields, thick woods and a glorious view of sunrise and sunset. You too will find other temples and other monasteries (monastery of Thrangu Tashi Yangtse) beside this magnificent monastery. The grounds are clean with fresh, calm and safe natural air, making it the perfect environment for meditation and relaxation.


Trip Code WPP-004-NBT
Destination Nepal
Altitude 2300m
Season Spring and Autumn
Difficulty Easy
Duration 1 Days


Day 1: Drive to Namo Buddha Hiking

Namobuddha is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the Valley, particularly significant to Tibetan Buddhists. It is associated with one of the Jataka Tales, which recount the previous lives of the Buddha. Colorful prayer flags and pilgrims surround the white Stupa and a carved stone slab recounts the tale. The 2-hour walk through fields, plantations and small villages is extremely pleasant and offers an excellent glimpse of rural life & back to Kathmandu.


  • Transportation, tour guide and entrance tickets during tour,
  • Entrance fee,
  • Packed Lunch, tea, coffee, including all food,
  • Guide, 
  • Daily dispatches on,
  • Salary of Guide.


  • Beverages and alcoholic drinks on trip,
  • Personal equipment,
  • All other additional charges for additional services, including recommended TIP,
  • Additional tips for tour guide, others as one sees fit,
  • Personal purchases.



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