Wilderness Medical Society Everest Panorama Trek 18pax- Khamding Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital Site

13 Nov 2018 Trek From Khamding To Bhitakharka

Today we trekked from Khamding to Bittikharka. Our most excellent guide Super-Phula managed to predict our arrival time to our destination within one minute! We were so impressed! Everybody we passed was very friendly and greeted us with a “Namaste” and a smiling face. Our intrepid trekker, Wyndham, gave toys to all of the children along our trek, she is so kind. After our long day of walking, we had a fabulous lecture on Psychology of Adventure Travel. Dr. Lulu Didi taught us about the different attachment styles that children develop and how they affect our adult response to stress, and then trekker Hannah taught us about Psychological First Aid. We learned that under severe stress, we respond in ways such as clinging to others, distancing ourselves or becoming confrontational. We can mitigate these responses by providing safety, calm, connection, self-efficacy and hope. What a great day! Then we had lots of dinner, my favorite was the fried cauliflower. Suba rati!