Doctor Researcher Group Everest Base Camp Trek 2018

7 April 2018, Trek to EBC

My day began around 3:30 this morning as I struggled to sleep through the night. My misfortune in sleep was more than made up for in one of the most brilliant sceneries I have seen in any of my travels, only to be outdone by the landscape we would take in later today. The moon shown bright, illuminating all of Everest Base Camp and exposing the magnificent mountains surrounding us in all directions. I stood for a moment, absorbing the setting and realizing that it may never come again, my breath exposed in the bitterly cold Nepal morning.

Despite the lack of sleep, I awoke with the sun shortly before 6:00 am. Those of us who were awake gathered in the big yellow tent to shake off the cold from the previous night sleep, drink a warm cup of black tea, and exchange conversation. Today is a rest day. As a result, we found ourselves in the luxurious position of relaxing this morning before our hike to the Khumbu Ice Fall (a physically imposing sight that represents the first stage of one’s trek from Base Camp in their attempt to conquer the summit of Mt. Everest), not needing to struggle to rouse ourselves from our warm sleeping bags to frantically pack our bags in the cold. That is a pleasure reserved for tomorrow.

This trip has provided some of the most impressive views and travel routes I have ever known. With that said, the highlight of my trip occurred today, during which we were allowed to assist the team of sherpas, porters, and ER crew break ground on establishing the 2018 Everest ER. Ignoring the cold, each of us grabbed a tool and worked together to crush boulders, break through the frozen ground, and level the remaining dirt and stone to establish the foundation for this year’s ER tent. It was a pleasure to give my time and energy on my day off to contribute to this season’s ER. I appreciate having gotten to know this year’s Everest ER staff, Drs. Brenton (Australia), Suvash (Nepal), and Subarna (Nepal), and I wish y’all nothing but the best!

The end of the day provided the best views of my life; as we stood together, Wilderness Medical Society, Everest ER, and University of Massachusetts Research team, Everest Base Camp provided us with clear skies and a perfect sunset, showcasing all of the incredible landscape it has to feature. We stood together, absorbing the views, appreciating one another’s company.
It was a perfect day.