Doctor Researcher Group Everest Base Camp Trek 2018

6 April 2018, Trek to EBC

We awoke this morning to clear skies and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Since Mount Everest is not visible from Gorak Shep, we hiked up part of Kala Patar to see a glimpse of Everest before it was encased in clouds. We followed along the ridge and visited the site of a climate convention in 2009. We could see numerous helicopters landing and letting off site seers. We then descended onto the main path between Gorak Shep and Everest Base Camp. The trail follows along the morraine, which provides for rough hiking over rocky terrain. But the views were beautiful and we slowly made our way to base camp.

Distance is quite deceptive. We could see base camp for quite a while but due to the difficult footing, it took a long time to get there. Well, rough footing and the thin air slows us down too. Most of us have oxygen saturations in the mid 70s at this point. And once we were at base camp, it was another 30 minutes walking through camp to get to our tents. We were then treated to hot chocolate, tea, and a delicious lunch cooked by the kitchen crew. This afternoon we lounged around and then worked on collecting our research data for the first time point at Everest Base Camp. It is snowing hard, we have probably gotten about 4 inches of snow on the tents so far. It is now getting dark and we are all trying to stay awake as it is only 7:30pm and it seems a little early to go to bed. Tomorrow the plan is to hang around base camp, maybe go for some walks to the ice fall, listen to some lectures by the WMS crew, and collect more data for our research project.