Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) Everest Base Camp Trek 2018

9 April 2018,Trek Pheriche to Kyangjuma

The morning started with the usual hot tea and warm water wash basin served to our room by our ever attentive guides, and we headed down for a hearty breakfast at the Himalayan Hotel where we stayed the night in Periche. It was noticeably a very beautiful morning, the sun shine bright, the air was cool and still which was then disturbed by the few helicopter landinsg in the field across where we were waiting. The view as usual is amazing and words can’t justify what’s in front of me. The snow capped mountain peaks and ridges are crisp and picture perfect, backed dropped by the cerulean blue sky and no clouds in the horizon. The hill sides are dotted by grazing yaks and jopkyo.

Our group headed on, with spring in our steps, it’s a new day, a day closer to home. I barely can keep up with the group but the thought of thicker air as we descend is a promise. The meandering river down the valley gave a sense that were are coming home. It was amazing to see people coming and going, trekkers, porters and locals. Porters carrying enormous amount of loads and able to zig and zag the tight trail with ease and balance that only can be outdone by the yaks and jopkyos which serve as UPS and FEDEX of the Himalayans.

We headed to Tengboche at the Hotel Himalayan for a carb-loaded lunch and pay a quick visit at the monastery, then went on the unrelenting ups and downs for the rest of the trek. After countless steps, Tsamserkhu lodge in Kyangjuma was in sight, where we will stay the rest of the night. Today’s trek was shorter than yesterday, approximately 7 km and about 700 m of descent, but surely was more physically challenging and probably mentally challenging as well. The night ended with a dinner of our choice and as sumptous and filling as it was as any other night and fruit dessert is always a treat when you know that it took a tremendous amount of preparation to carry anything up the mountain.