Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) Everest Base Camp Trek 2018

11 April 2018, Trek back to Lukla

Our time ends where it all began here in Lukla… where just over a fortnight ago we embarked as strangers on a common odyssey imagined but not yet realized.

Hearts alighted with eager anticipation, we ventured freely afoot onto mountain trails transitioning from the cover of subalpine green coniferous forests perfectly accented with the freshly blossoming rhondodendron reds and magnolia whites representative of Nepals’ uniquely proud flag progressing to the completely exposed barren alpine region of the high countries permanently uninhabitalble elevations of ice age vestages with scree covered moraines of the glacially unstable foundations of Everest Base Camp… returning via the same way.

Our incredible Sherpa’s… Ngwang “The Boss” Phuri Sherpa; Ngwang “Smiling Eyes” Sherpauri Sherpa; A.D. “Everything Clear?” Sherpa; Gombu “The Godfather” Sherpa; Dogi (#1 Son) Sherpa; Chire (#2 Son) Sherpa; Pemba (#3 Son) Sherpa; Mingmer Dogi; Jarnbu (Tato Pani #1) Sherpa; Wongshu (Tato Pani #2) Sherpa; Sagan (Yak Driver #1) Sherpa; Nbabu Ram (Yak Driver #2) Sherpa… establishing a daily rhythm and routine gently guiding, encouraging and at times coercing as a shephard safely moves their flock from field to field to nourish and nuture. Representative of the culture… their service was unparalleled, their cheerfulness was immeasurable and their competence completly unquestionalble. The pre-eminence of Nepal Wongchhu Peak Promotion should be reconginized as a benchmark in quality, service and satisfaction in the industry.

Maria our kind, confident, compentent and peripathetic professor lead us by example not only in the physical and mental challenges of traversing high altitude trails but in coordinating and conducting teahouse and en route impromptu classes both building our knowledge in wilderness medicine and encouraging clinical dialougue as well as recognizing the unique value of wisdom which lay in the experience of the group collective.

Now, no longer estranged as a group… we kindred spirits… bonded through the love of the Himalaya, spirit of high mountain sanctuary, passion for medicine in austere milieus and sharing of friends, family, pets, lives and careers have beome as extended family in this WMS Adventure CME which has exceeded our expectations.

Channeling Hemingway sans edit… Steven S. David PA-C, FAWM, DiMM

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