Stanford Nepal Medical Project 2018 Pikey Peak Camping Trek

8th July 2018 Volunteer Clinic Khamding

Today’s day started off with a good breakfast, where instead of one egg which is usually the norm, we got two eggs! Never before had I been more surprised in my life. What was the reason for this extraordinary occasion? Well, today was the first day of clinic, where we would finally put our training to the test, so that the local students of our lecture series could hone their skills as potential future medical professionals.
Ten minutes before our clinic officially opened for business, there was much anticipation on the part of our medical team, where the crowd was already beginning to build up, and where some chaos inevitably came about. The clinic began with a relatively rocky start, where the stations and the ordering of how patients should be seen was at first unclear, but became more and more clear as time went on. My two students started off strong, getting patient histories like nobody’s business, with a few errors along the way. I was a proud instructor, seeing my two students successfully acquire information, perform physical exams, and attempt to diagnose and give plausible treatment options. Overall, all of our students did a fantastic job, where we saw over thirty patients in all, with only a couple of potentially dangerous cases involving high blood pressure and anemia.
The day and clinic ended on a good note, a good first solid effort by our students. Important to note, the biggest leech I have ever seen in my life appeared before my medical team, so enlarged by its apparent volume of blood, that the leech exploded and created a large murderous stain of blood on a wall. What a sight. Anyways, the day ended with our medical team creating a small well deserved celebration for our two Napali medical students who had helped us immensely this past week. At least for me, I will very much miss their presence as I had become very good friends with them, so much so that I had watched the Pursuit of Happiness with them. Will Smith all the way. Tomorrow, we will have to tackle our second day of clinic without them, but I am fairly certain that our team is ready to tackle whatever comes our way regardless.