Stanford Nepal Medical Project 2018 Pikey Peak Camping Trek

5th July 2018 Community Health Class

Today was the last day of classes. It was exciting to see how far the kids had come, from being very shy to being more willing to answer questions and engage with the teachers. We also went to Chyngba to put on a tooth brushing clinic for the kids. It was lots of fun because of how willing they were to welcome us into their classroom and learn from us. Finishing classes was very exciting as we are getting ready for the final exam, the real test of how well the students learned from us. Yesterday was also a day of slight preparation for the clinic, as we taught the kids how to take vital signs and listen to the heart and lungs. By this time in the workshop, most of the kids had no reservations about getting involved with the activities and even seeing other members of the community come up to have their vital signs checked. It was evident that people knew about our class and our clinic and were interested in being involved. The conclusion of the class was very satisfying, as we felt that we had made a positive impact on the lives of the students, especially the young ones, as they now have the knowledge about the impact they might have if they pursue medicine, so hopefully some of them could grow up to be doctors and have a similar positive impact on their community as well.