Stanford Nepal Medical Project 2018 Pikey Peak Camping Trek

3rd June 2018 Community Health Volunteer Class

Today was the second day of lectures. We started with a workshop on Maternal Health at 10 o’clock exactly. I was excited to see the students from the day before. Rakesh and Artie, the medical students and translators, have great stamina, teaching four lectures in a row. Unlike Artie and Rakesh, I only taught one class. Afterward, I working with Jackie and Jess on organizing new medicine and creating an inventory list. While sitting on the floor of the medical store room, I noticed a weird smell. For a while I thought the smell was coming from one of our bags. Then I realized the smell was coming from my shoes! Fully grossed out, I promptly washed my shoes and feet. But the team has had a fun time making fun of my unfortunate realization. One of the best parts of the day was during the hygiene lecture wherein a student and Joey brushed their teeth in front of the class. At one point, the thirty people in the room were all flossing which was quite cool. Our day is closing with a delicious soup and filling meal while prepping for the next day of class.