Stanford Nepal Medical Project 2018 Pikey Peak Camping Trek

2nd July 2018 Community Health Volunteer Class

We woke up this morning at the bright hour of 6:30 when the sherpas and our new friend Michael the dog greeted us with some warm tea and washing water. It was slightly drizzling, but nothing compared to the downpour of rain that was to come later. My highlight of the morning was when I walked to the little blue tent (aka the restroom) and found a little toilet seat propped up on a stand over the hole… Sitting to poop is such a luxury following so many squat toilets. Breakfast was banana pancakes and egg, nothing special. We were all excited for the first day of class to begin.
We got to the clinic around 8 because class was supposed to start at 9. Soon enough it was 9:15 and we had a whopping 1 student! Eventually, people came, but not before we had to shift our whole schedule one hour back. After the introduction, Maddy began the lectures with Dietary deficiencies. She then went on to teach a workshop about graphing on a x and y axis. Unlike 2 years ago, where the workshop was a complete bust, it was very successful the second time around. The two Nepali Medical students were extremely helpful with the translations.
Jackie and Blanca spent the morning looking for condoms in the supply room, with no luck, only to have me find more than 25,000 condoms sitting in plain sight later in the afternoon. I also opened an expired needle and played around with it. I think everyone around me was slightly concerned, but I didn’t hurt anyone.
Lunch was amazing!! We had spaghetti, spam, beans, cauliflower, potatoes, and coleslaw. You would think that not walking around all day would make you less hungry, but I, along with everyone else, was starving before lunch. Most people went for seconds, and some even went for thirds.
Following lunch, Blanca had her reproductive health workshop, which almost ran out of time. I taught puberty right after, but unlike Blanca I only took 45 minutes including translation. Most of the topics I talked about were already introduced by Blanca and so running short on time was inevitable from what I had prepared. We ended the day of class with a menstrual health lecture from a Nepali med student which was very helpful.
After class we came back to the room where we eat to prepare for tomorrow. I helped Maddy wash her hair from a sketchy water source coming out of the bathroom. I will let you know if she is still alive after today. I also went on a junk food shopping spree, ultimately spending 160 Nepali Rupees.. approximately $1.60 on soda, candy, and other snacks.
Most people spent the afternoon preparing for class tomorrow. Kelly is reading a book called “Feel the Fear… and do it Anyways.” I’m not really sure if he is enjoying the book, but apparently he needs to get rid of 50% of the people he interacts with. He says no one on the team is on that list, but Frank (my brother) is. Sorry Frank!
It is now 8:45 and we are about to get kicked out of the room we use to eat and prep for class. I can’t believe we are going to be here for another week and a bit more. Living the non nomadic life is weird, but enjoyable nonetheless. T minus 11 more days until a nice bed and a warm shower.