Stanford Nepal Medical Project 2018 Pikey Peak Camping Trek

28 June 2018 Trek From Namkheli To Ngaur

It wasn’t long after arriving at Namkheli that the fog thickened and a rainstorm rolled in. While most of our team tried to stay dry in the house, the daughter of the household showed us how to have fun in the rain; using a flip flop as a boat in a stream of rainwater. I learned my rain jacket was not very effective at keeping out the rain and got soaked. Thus when we woke up to clear skies and were able to see the mountain range, I was happily surprised. After a porridge and apple pancake breakfast, we began the hike up to the monastery. It wasn’t until we were an hour in that I realized I had left my ineffective rain jacket back at the house hanging on the door. But luckily Eddy had grabbed it and brought it with. I was reunited with the jacket at lunch. One highlight of the trek was when we learned to yell across the mountain and the mountain would reflect back our call. We owe this to the Sherpas whom were sending echoes up ahead. Along the trail were highlighter colored Fungi that stood out from all the green. One species was a bright pink that matched Dr. Kelly’s shirt. Phula also helped me take a shortcut to pass the group which I was stoked to take despite it being steeper! All in all, I avoided falling into Yak poo and made it to Ngaur fully exhausted and grateful for our guides and the entire Wongchhu Peak Promotions team, umbrellas, and yak-cows.


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