Stanford Nepal Medical Project 2018 Pikey Peak Camping Trek

11 July 2018

Today we finally left Khamding after our ten day stay. Our final trekking destination is Phaplu, which from what I have gathered is one of the larger cities out here. From there we intend to catch a small plane back to Kathmandu, where we will wind down the trip for good.
I’ll admit the trek today had a couple of highlights. We passed through Chyangba, the school we had previously visited, and continued winding our way down to Sysacola (sp?). SISAKHOLA is home to a primary/secondary school, where we ran our standard toothbrush routine. Meet the principal, then move from classroom to classroom distributing toothbrush packs to the children we see. Leave the leftovers with the principal. Today we unfortunately didn’t have the time to run the full dental health classes for the kids as we had previously, but hopefully the instructions we left with the principal will be passed along.
Despite having a week left in Nepal, the trip is starting to feel like it’s winding down. Kelly, our fearless leader, had previously complimented this group on not falling into the same conversation traps previous groups had. Today we broke that trend. Natalie can’t wait for In ‘n’ Out, Jackie is dying for a salad, Maddie wants some fresh fruit right about now. Personally, I’m looking forward to macaroni and cheese when we get back.
Tomorrow we head to Phaplu where there is reportedly wifi and maybe a taste of civilization. We’ve done a lot of great things in Nepal so far, but it feels good to be heading home.